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Compañeros en Misión (Partners in Mission)

 Located in the sister cities of Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona—or as they are called locally, Ambos Nogales (both Nogaleses)—Compañeros en Misión's primary mission is new church development throughout the Mexican State of Sonora (under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of Chihuahua).  Rev. Dr. Jorge Pazos Aragon, a member of the Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de Mexico leads the ministries of Compañeros en Misión and the congregation in Nogales, Sol de Justicia (Sun of Justice). The congregation in Hermosillo, Voz del Desierto (Voice of the Desert), is led by Rev. Dr. Ramon Garcia Sanchez. A smaller congregation in Caborca is called La Hermosa (the Beautiful). They currently have no pastor, but Dr. Pazos makes regular visits and occasionally preaches there.  Follow them on Facebook: 


Frontera de Cristo (Christ's Border)

In Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora, Frontera de Cristo engages in a broad range of ministries that include partnering with a drug rehabilitation center, a women’s co-operative, and a fair-trade coffee co-operative (Café Justo); providing health services and a children’s enrichment ministry; hosting binational internships and mission delegations; and building relationships with law enforcement, elected officials, business persons, other faith organizations, academics, and human rights groups to work toward a healthier border for all. Together with Café Justo and the drug rehabilitation center called CRREDA, Frontera de Cristo helped to sponsor and build Café Justo y Mas, a neighborhood coffee shop that offers a safe haven from the drug culture. Frontera de Cristo's ministry coordinators are Jocabed Gallegos and Mark Adams. Follow them on Facebook:  and sign up  for their newsletter at 


Pasos de Fe (Steps of Faith)

 Pasos de Fe y Esperanza, located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, focuses its ministry in Colonia Guadalajara. Their multifaceted outreach to their community includes but is not limited to health clinics, a children’s ministry, classes for empowering women to start businesses, and hosting deportee families. Pasos de Fe ministry coordinators are Rev. Manuel Luria Pacheco, Rev. Juan Antonio Garcia Alvarado, Rev. Miguel Angel Gonzalez, and Yadira Rivera Jaramillo.  


Proyecto Amistad (Friendship Project)

 Proyecto Amistad, located in Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, brings together believers from Mexico and the United States for fellowship and to equip parents, churches, and schools for implementing holistic, biblical, Christian education.  Their ministry coordinator is Roberto Medina Solis, and ministries include Club Amistad, scholarships for university and seminary students, and Christian education training for local church leaders.  Families and nations are healed when their decisions are guided by God’s principles and vision for life.  For more information, go to  Or follow them on Facebook:  


Puentes de Cristo (Bridges of Christ)

 Puentes de Cristo is based in Hidalgo, Texas.  Its mission is to extend the gospel of Christ  to bridge communities of faith  and to facilitate the exchange of information and education between  peoples along the US/Mexico border and other international communities. Puentes  de Cristo hopes to promote mutuality in mission and engage in ministries of  compassion and justice.   Caly Fernandez is the Director of Puentes de Cristo. Contact Puentes at:  Follow them  on Facebook: