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Delegation to Share a New Border Vision on Capitol Hill

Pray for the Delegation

Please keep US Coordinator Mark Adams and the delegation from Southern  Border Communities Coalition in your prayers as they introduce A New Border Vision on Capitol Hill, July  15-18, 2019.

"Decades of enforcement-only border policies have jeopardized the public  safety and rights of border communities. A New Border Vision turns the page to a  new chapter in which border communities speak to what they want and need for  everyone to feel safe and thrive." Johana Bencomo of New Mexico Communities of  Faith in Action and Southern Border Communities Coalition co-chair  shares the excitement for the recently released New Border Vision.  (Spanish translation coming soon)

Frontera  de Cristo has joined with the organizations of SBCC and communities from all  four border states to collaborate in the creation of this New Border Vision that  emerges from the hopes, values, and lived experiences of border communities and  not from the politicians far from the border who too often use the border and  our communities as political pawns.